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A Long Family Tradition of
American and Greek Food!

Country Boy Restaurant is one of “the places” to eat in Dunedin since 1985.

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Good Food & Good Service with a Smile

“I want everyone who walks into Country Boy to be greeted with a smile and friendly welcome,” promises Mario Constantinou, owner of Country Boy Restaurant and Juan's Grill. “My motto is good food and service for everyone at a reasonable price. It's a business but my customers are also my friends and I want them to feel welcome and comfortable.”

Food with Heritage

Mario is a proud American citizen with a Greek Cypriot heritage. When people meet Mario most like him instantly. He still has a slight accent from his native Cyprus and he is not comfortable speaking in public. But one of one, Mario is a warm, engaging individual with a sharp mind and sense of humor. Mario was born on the Greek island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean where his father and some of his family still live. Most of Mario 's family now live in the U.S. and are restaurant owners in Florida . This includes two brothers, a sister and several cousins. “The United States has been great for our family,” Mario explained.

Mario followed his “uncle's uncle” to the United States in 1976. Before opening County Boy Restaurant, Mario worked in Florida and up state New York restaurants. Before opening Country Boy, Mario was a well know server in one of the top waterfront Pinellas fine-dining restaurants. “After working for my family and other successful restaurants, I wanted my own place,” Mario explained. 26 years later, Country Boy and Mario are an integral part of the Dunedin community.

Fresh Ingredients, a Key to Success

Fresh ingredients are another reason that people return over and over to Mario 's restaurants. “We prepared and cook our meals daily. You can use fresh ingredients but if the food is allowed to sit around too long – it's not going to taste good.